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A luxurious coffee, brown sugar and coconut exfoliant that promotes elasticity, clarity, and skin suppleness. Pure coffee revives skin by providing antioxidants and skin-tightening benefits.  Buffs away dryness and dullness to brighten and even out complexion, while hydrating oils leave skin silky smooth. Coconut oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe, moisturize, and nourish skin. Brown sugar and coffee exfoliate away dead skin cells without being harshly abrasive.

Coffee Face and Body Scrub

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  • To Use: Massage a small amount onto damp skin, paying close attention to dry spots. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 


    Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Pure Organic Coconut Oil, 100% Pure Coffee, 100% Natural Grape Seed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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